Smile Designing

Smile Design is also a Cosmetic Dental Service offered at Cosmodontist Dental. Through a series of highly Technical Cosmetic Dental procedures, Dr. Nilay Bhatia and other Specialists will redesign your Smile to Enhance your Natural Beauty. Smile Design procedures or Full mouth reconstruction is the process of Rebuilding or Rehabilitating your Mouth to ideal Dental Health in Gurgaon.

Full Mouth Reconstruction may be recommended for patients who have Serious Dental issues as well as Unaesthetic Dental conditions including missing Teeth, poorly functioning bites, large amounts of old and failing Dental work, Tooth grinding issues, and those who experience the chronic issues of TMJ (Temporomadibular Joint Disorder).

Your full Mouth reconstruction may require a combination of Neuromuscular Dentistry in Gurgaon including General, Restorative, Periodontic, and Orthodontic Procedures based on the Specific Nature of your case.

These procedures may include:

  • Crown Lengthening: To remove excess gum tissue
  • Dental Implant placements: To replace missing teeth
  • Bone Grafting: To regenerate missing bone in the jaw
  • Gum Grafting: To correct advanced gingival recession
  • Porcelain Veneers: To correct minor teeth disorders
  • Porcelain Onlays and Inlays: To repair and fill the decayed teeth back in the mouth
  • Enamel Recontouring: To correct the shape of the tooth for aesthetic and speech correction
  • Orthodontia: To correct misaligned teeth structure

Designer Smiles

A Tailor custom makes beautiful clothes that fit perfectly to your measurements

An Architect Designs and takes in consideration the building’s design and function.

Dentist is pretty much a combination of the best aspects of the Tailor and the architects

Ever wondered how your smile can be tailored for you????

smile designing in Gurgaon

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For most females

  • the “Enhanced” smile style is one of our most popular designs. Note that the second teeth from the center are a little shorter than the front teeth. This is a youthful effect we call “the gull wing” that really looks nice on females.
  • The “Hollywood”style above is a little more “toothy” and works well for males and especially those wanting to show off a little more teeth.
  • The “Oval” style might look best on someone with a very round face. Notice how very round the edges of the four front teeth are?
  • The“Aggressive” style has tooth edges that are flat almost straight across. We use it mostly for men and it simulates someone who might be a bit older and have a habit of grinding his teeth. The . The “Mature” style has squarish edges on the four front teeth and is another design that we frequently use for men.
  • The “Softened” style is a very popular design that we use for those wanting their smile to help make them appear a little younger than their years.”

Smile Designing in Gurgaon

The talented dentists at Cosmodontist Dental & Implant Centre will be happy to discuss Smile Design at Gurgaon location. Please feel free to call on the contact or schedule an appointment online.