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Painful Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings should be a vital part of your regimen. Neglected oral health leads to tooth decay. If left untreated, in the long run, a minor toothache may form into an abscess. Gum diseases slowly recede the gum line, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. Be it a dental issue or periodontal, both can be side-lined by emphasizing dental cleaning. The teeth cleaning procedure is, thus, an essential undertaking and a solution for sensitive teeth and sore and bleeding gums.



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The sad reality is, however, that people are reluctant to undergo the procedure and, in some cases, filled with agony by anticipating the pain during dental cleaning.

But wait! Does a dental cleaning hurt in the first place?

The answer is a straightforward NO!

The dental cleaning procedure is not painful!

Why is it so that people report pain during the procedure?

Dental cleaning is a pain-free procedure. The hurt felt during the process is because of poor oral hygiene. Two solutions for an easy and smooth cleaning process are to choose the right dentist and to maintain proper hygiene. Good professional cleaning makes the patient sit comfortably in the dental chair rather than squeezing his eyes shut due to the pain. Many people tremble at the sight of blood during the ongoing treatment. However, the fact is, bleeding indicates that your teeth are getting free of all unwanted substances. Some amount of bleeding is indeed a good sign if your oral hygiene is poor. With proper oral health, there will be no pain, and there will be no bleeding.

What type of pain does a patient face during the treatment and why?

  • Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease Treatment

Also called gum diseases, this is the prime reason why dental cleanings can be painful. The bacterial infections affecting the gingiva(gums) do not restrict themselves there. Periodontal health is affected when the gums, ligaments, and bones are all infected. You can identify this issue if you notice problems like bad breath( halitosis), calculus build-up, inflamed and bleeding gums, loosening of teeth, and gingival recession.

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The solution to all the above problems is deep dental cleaning. The procedure causes pain and sensitivity due to the infection and the exposed area where the gingiva was. However, there is good news for you! Dental cleanings remove the calculus and magically help your receded gums come back to their original position while they hold the tooth firmly again, block the bad breath, and treat the bleeding gums. Therefore, just by brushing correctly and flossing every day, you can avoid painful dental treatment while making your teeth sparkle flawlessly.

  • Sensitive teeth

Periodontal disease Treatment

Sensitive teeth issue is a problem both before and during   Dental treatment. Some people also claim this to be a concern after they have undergone dental cleaning.

The question that boggles their mind is ‘How to reduce sensitivity after the procedure?’

Due to the exposed root in periodontal disease, sensitivity during the treatment is a common occurrence. You may feel the hurt as your dentist removes the adhering tartar from the tooth root.

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The reason for discomfort after the procedure is due to the prodding of the dental instruments in your tender, inflamed gums. This is a relatively common problem that patients with degrading oral health suffer.

How can the pain be avoided during the dental cleaning procedure?

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The simple answer to this question is brushing twice daily and flossing every day. You may be intimidated by the scrapping sound of the ultrasonic scaler, the pain you experience during the treatment, and the sensitivity felt thereafter. This makes you come to a position where you either do not want to ever sit on the dental chair, or you are stoned sitting on it and unable to move. Your fear comes from the trigger of the pain, which can be controlled with much ease. Maintaining proper dental hygiene not only spares you from the trauma of the procedure but also prevents the risk of many fatal health issues.

Did you know?

There is a direct link between oral and systemic health. The inflammation due to periodontal diseases can lead to an inflammatory response in the entire body. In such instances, health conditions may degrade, leading to heart disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and dementia.

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Thus, dental cleaning is a mandate to wave off many body issues, and if you still fear the process because of the pain. This should give you a more significant reason to visit your dentist in Gurgaon so that he can work on your oral hygiene to prevent any future pain and discomfort.

Here is a list of dental cleaning benefits to further motivate you for the treatment-

  • The dentist easily removes tooth discolorations and stains during a dental cleaning procedure. What is left behind is not only good oral health but also a brighter and whiter smile.

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  • Tooth loss resulting due to periodontal diseases can be prevented by deep teeth cleaning.

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  • The dentist does a thorough oral examination prior to a dental cleaning. Many health adversities, small-term problems like dental fractures, caries are detected foremost during these check-ups.

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  • On the financial front, dental cleaning is, in comparison, an affordable treatment procedure than others.

With long-standing oral hygiene issues, problems like caries, pulpitis, periodontal diseases, and gingivitis can occur, which have a more expensive treatment plan than your routine oral examination.

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  • Oral cancer has claimed the lives of many. If earlier diagnosed, cancers can be prevented. Regular dental screenings are a way to evaluate such conditions as well. Many problems like leukoplakia (benign lesions), when noticed before time, can be treated to prevent the advancement of the disease.

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Hence, do not skip your periodic dental clean-up sessions.

  • One of the risk factors of heart attack is poor periodontal health. Two times dental cleaning annually prevents gum diseases, thus reducing the chance of cardiovascular diseases.

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Dental cleaning is an overall necessity that should not be skipped. Coming back to the question…

Is dental cleaning a painful procedure?

Not really, if you book an appointment with the specialists at Cosmodontist.

Call today at +8368774211 to get your dental cleaning done with minimal/ no pain!

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