Dental implant vs. Bridge: Which one is the best for you?

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Dental implant vs. Bridge

As everyone clearly knows, with the advancement of age, many problems creep into our lives. One of these problems is losing teeth. Although it is a problem that is not very well taken by people, it is however a typical phenomenon that cannot be turned a blind eye towards. So no matter how reluctant we are in accepting this truth, we have to understand that this will happen when the time comes but what we can do about it is to prepare ourselves with means and ways by which we can still retain the smile that we have always desired. We are talking about the development of dentistry in this field, where natural teeth are very well replaced by bridges or implants. In dentistry today, all of this is done with so much precision and detail that no one would be able to mark a difference.

Replacing missing teeth not only gives you back your lost confidence but also helps in maintaining proper functions while eating, chewing, or swallowing as well as maintaining adequate jaw bone structure

Two options that you can look out for to replace your missing teeth are dental bridges and dental implants.

 What is a dental bridge?

These are false teeth that are held in place with the help of other teeth around your missing tooth. A bridge is often made with porcelain or plastic that resembles the natural colour of your tooth.

What are dental implant?

Dental implants, on the other hand, are tooth roots that are made out of titanium. They are screwed inside your jaw bone and topped with the crown or bridge.

To know the distinguishing features of both of them, here are a few pros and cons that are listed down below to help you understand which would be most suitable for your purpose;

Dental bridge pros and cons-

  • Bridges are methods where there are no invasive surgeries involved
  • The cost of bridges are usually lower when compared to dental implants
  • The time allotted to getting dental bridges is also significantly less. You may require only two visits to your dentist’s office to get your dental bridge treatment completed.

The cons of dental bridges-

  • You have to replace your dental bridge after every five to seven years
  • The  dental bridges lose natural resemblance to your teeth  after some time
  • The surrounding teeth would be susceptible to dental cavities and threaten the healthy natural teeth around the bridge.

Dental implant pros and cons-

  • Dental implants can last you a lifetime. It is the most long-lasting replacement to your natural teeth that you can get on the market
  • It sustains its natural look more than the dental bridges
  • It has a reasonable success rate
  • There is no damage to the surrounding teeth with the use of dental implants

The cons of dental implants-

  • The entire procedure takes about six months to complete
  • The cost is higher when compared to dental bridges
  • It may lead to surgical complications

How would you choose between a dental implant and a bridge?

Dental implant vs. Bridge-

Your dentist will be able to provide you with the best advice on which of the two options you should go for. Your choice may depend upon your overall health, the expenditure that you are willing to carry, and the number of teeth that are missing.

There are more options like partial dentures and space maintainers when you want to recover the missing tooth in your jaw. However, you should remember that when it comes to getting your teeth replaced by artificial means, the two best methods are dental bridges and dental implants. Do consider talking to your doctor about the most suitable option for you before jumping to any conclusions.

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