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RCT treated teeth

Fluorosis Teeth Treatment

No one likes stained teeth. Teeth fluorosis is, unfortunately, a phenomenon where your appearance is marred as there is deep staining in your teeth. This leads to a fall in a person’s confidence and is also not good for your oral health.

Dental fluorosis generally occurs due to excessive consumption of fluorides. This leaves behind a whitish tinge over the surface of the teeth. With excessive fluoride accumulation in the teeth, there is a change of color in the tooth surface, which can be seen as yellowish to brown spots that are speckled all over the teeth surface. This, generally, is not a very appealing sight; therefore, patients suffering from dental fluorosis often visit their dentists to overcome this problem and maintain the evenness of the teeth.

Thus the question now remains of knowing which treatment is the best for you if you have dental fluorosis? This blog encompasses giving you the appropriate answer to your queries and subduing your problems.

 Listed below are all the fluorosis teeth treatment options that you can avail of depending upon your criteria and affordability. Mark the ones that you think are suitable for you and talk to your dentist if you want to go ahead with the particular procedure.

Dental veneers-

Dental veneers can fit snugly over the entire arch of the teeth. Veneers are available in the composite and porcelain types.

Composite veneers are a one-seating treatment where the patient can easily avail of this procedure which lasts up to seven years. On the flipside, porcelain veneers are readily made in the labs. Before getting a perfect fit from the patient, dentists take the impression and deliver a customized treatment plan for each individual. This type of veneer lasts for up to 15 years. While putting the veneers, the person should realize that this may chip or crack off if he bites on a hard substance.

Dental crowns-

RCT treated teeth usually call in for dental crowns over them. When it comes to dental fluorosis, crowns can be an option as a cover-up. However, it has to be kept in mind that to fit in a crown, the tooth structure has to be reduced in shape and size. This leads to the degradation and loss of a natural tooth. Therefore it is mandatory to take the advice of your dentist and only follow this type of procedure if he recommends you to.

Composite bonding-

The procedure begins with preparing the teeth. After that, the conditioning gel helps to roughen the surface of the teeth so that the bonding agent can easily be attached to the tooth surface. The composite bond forms a layer over the entire tooth surface and prevents the detectability of visible splotches due to dental fluorosis.

Teeth whitening-

Teeth whitening is one of the procedures by which you can hide the speckles of yellowish or white colors across the teeth. The whitening process is found to be effective only for mild to moderate levels of fluorosis. After the procedure, the fluoride in the tooth may seem to appear a little more whitish. This happens as the bleaching agent makes the fluorosis more evident. With time the stretches of whites suppress away.

Enamel microabrasion-

Dentists may excavate small amounts of enamel from your teeth to reduce the appearance of dental fluorosis. The method is typically followed by bleaching.

Prevention of dental fluorosis-

  • If further advancement of fluorosis is one of the threats that you want to diminish, you may very well get started by looking for ways to reduce fluoride consumption in your routine.

The first possibility for your fluoride intake can be due to the water that you consume. Mark the level of fluoride in your water and try to cut off the dangerous grades of fluoride that it consists of. If you try to balance this mineral in your water content, there is a high chance that you will also prevent the development of further dental fluorosis.

  • There are kinds of toothpaste that come up with the tag of having fluorides in it. Fluoride in limited quantities is good for your teeth; however, as we have seen, high fluoride levels will degrade your oral health and bring you to a position where you will have succumbed to dental fluorosis. Therefore before using any fluoride toothpaste, talk to your dentist.
  • Fluoride supplements should only be used after the recommendation of your healthcare provider. No supplements, drugs, or any medical interventions should be made without expert advice. Studies have reported that children given extra fluoride supplements have shown to suffer from dental fluorosis. Although fluorosis is not a matter of concern yet, it deranges the smile of a person, and therefore steps should be taken promptly so that your health does not get affected.
  • One of the foremost tips to prevent any abnormalities in your teeth is to stay in close association with your dentist. It is in your best interest that you ask him questions rather than self-medicate or self-experiment in case of dental fluorosis.

Fluorosis is a typical yet harmless condition; however, this is embarrassing for many people alike. The above-listed dental fluorosis treatment is to your best benefit provided that you can easily choose any amongst all and take the suggestion of your dentist regarding it. Do remember that the expert should always make the final call. He would know what will be best suited to you.

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