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Having a gap between teeth is something a lot of people don’t like. This is called midline diastema..something people do not want to stay with!

It is common that such people go up to the dentist asking for ways, tips, tricks of how to fill gap between teeth. Many try home-based tactics as well, or they go to the dentist now and then to fix this issue through treatment.

You should be aware that there is a way out of this misery; you can fill up those slightly gapped teeth of yours to bring about a contagious smile. However, firstly let us know the reasoning behind this occurrence.

A fallen tooth may result in a gap in teeth. It so happens that your teeth move gradually throughout your life. If there is any missing tooth in your jaw,  the other remaining teeth will slightly move mesially or distally in those spaces, thus, making their alignment wrong.
Initially, your jaw bone and the size of the teeth would not tally with each other, making it an improper fit and causing gaps between your teeth.
Gapping in the front teeth may occur as a natural effect to the pushing of the front teeth continuously while swallowing of food is done.
Thumb sucking is a habit that most children get obsessed with. This is another cause for front gapping teeth.
Gum disease or periodontitis are reasons due to which your tooth may loosen, resulting in a missing tooth or gaping tooth.
It is to be kept in mind that a gap in the teeth is just not a cosmetic hindering issue; this is also a sign that you have an underlying problem that needs to be checked at the earliest. Talk to your doctor if you see any anomaly in your oral cavity and get the treatment done.

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A few of the methods that are utilized in helping you how to fill gap between teeth are listed.

Treating approaches for gapped teeth-

There are several options of how to fill gap between teeth. However, the best treatment can only be decided by your dentist. So walk up to him and ask him about the best possible choice that you can make in filling up your gaps.

Dental bonding-

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One of the most feasible methods of how to fill gap between teeth is to go for dental bonding treatment. Here resins are carved in between the gaps of your teeth and then it is cured using the light. The outcome of the treatment leaves you with natural-looking teeth with no gaps. However, this kind of treatment does not remain for long periods since they can chip, and staining of the material can take place.

The treatment does not have longevity forever; therefore, it is only a temporary treatment. If you wish to get dental bonding done for a short effective period, you can get along in doing so; however, you should know that this cannot be your permanent cure.

Orthodontic treatment-

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Orthodontic treatment is an overall treatment for the entire set of teeth. In other cases, where only a restricted area is treated, that leaves the other teeth wandering about and getting adjusted in their preferred position. This leads to malalignment. Orthodontic treatment is the best solution of how to fill gap between teeth where specially devised appliances are used to correct the positioning of each tooth and also fill up the gaps between them.

The other options of orthodontic treatment may include;

Hidden braces.
Clear aligners.

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Orthodontic treatments are not often opted for as they use metallic braces. But as an alternative, new types of braces have been manufactured in the market so that you will be able to see only the effect of the treatment and not the braces set up in your teeth that you have been trying to avoid. Talk to your dentist to know about all your options and decide upon how to fill gap between teeth and which treatment will suit you the best depending upon the severity of your problem.

Another advantage of orthodontic treatment is that although it is a time-consuming treatment, it is more effective than dental bonding and veneers. This is a permanent treatment that has long-lasting results.


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These are a good option in a few cases of how to fill gap between teeth. The treatment proceeds by removing parts of the enamel and then replacing them with a porcelain veneer. This kind of treatment is usually permanent, unlike the use of dental bonds. Therefore you must be sure before wanting this treatment. They make your teeth look as good as new, provided that you get your treatment done by a good cosmetic dentist.

Now that you have run over the gap between teeth treatment, now have a look at…

Things to remember if you have gapped teeth

Gap Between Teeth Treatment in Gurgaon

Having gap between teeth can be an indication of underlying disease as well. It is in the best of your interest if you talk to your dentist and know if there are any harmful reasons for this phenomenon. Many people may not like how they look if the gap is formed right at the front of the teeth and they keep finding out ways of how to fill gap between teeth. This makes them unable to smile openly, and also it lowers their confidence as well. However, the other group of people is quite comfortable with such kinds of teeth. They feel that the gap between their teeth makes them look unique and individualizes their character. If you are one of them, you may choose to sustain the positioning of your teeth the way it is and not wonder how to fill gap between teeth. But make sure you’re guided by your dentist and know that there are no reasons otherwise for the malalignment.

If you are finding the best dentist in Gurgaon, talk to the experts at Cosmodontist, where they expertly identify the condition of your anomaly and treat it in the best of your interest. They understand what your needs are and follow the treatment accordingly. It is ascertained that the customized treatment plan that is tailored for you relieves you from any underlying causes if it is detrimental to your oral health and also makes you look good and confident in the smile that you flash. Book your appointment now at 8368774211 and leave behind your reluctance from smiling openly.

Best Gap Dental Treatment in Gurgaon