Step-by-Step Guide to Teeth Cleaning

Dental care is mostly neglected in the present-day scenario. Making matters more tense, patients suffering only severe pain visit the dentist. The majority of people avoid the recommended half-yearly check-ups. Maybe for them, drilling noises or sharp dental tools create a conundrum. Patients are either fearful or reluctant to undergo the much-advised dental cleaning procedures. A word of knowledge: Oral hygiene is connected to your systemic health. Neglecting any part of the body is to make your entire body suffer. Also, did you know at least one person dies from oral cancer each hour? The sole reason is negligence!  Almost all oral cancers can be prevented at an early stage during routine teeth cleaning. Thus, as much as personal hygiene is essential, so is expert surveillance.

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This blog is a guideline to the professional teeth cleaning procedure as well as a way to educate you to feel more comfortable while you sit in the dental chair, waiting to undergo the process.

Steps to the teeth cleaning process

  1. The entire oral health examination

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The dental practitioner does a thorough examination to check for any signs of oral diseases. He gives a detailed eye to any inflamed gums, or teeth having plaque, calculus, and oral mucous disorders. This diagnosis helps the patient to stop the onset of many diseases. For example: If a patient neglects symptoms of sensitivity, the dentist delves into the site of the problem to detect the cause. In case of any caries, the tooth is restored. For gum-related issues, dental cleaning is done, or a curettage is needed. Many advanced-staged problems can be prevented by a detailed diagnosis. This includes the prevention of tooth loss due to gum diseases and the prevention of extraction in case of caries.

Patients can also be saved from the threat of oral cancer by carrying out this significant step.

  1. Removing plaque and calculus

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A teeth cleaning machine or the ultrasonic scaler is used to remove calculus that firmly adheres to the teeth. The hand scalers are helpful in mild cases of staining and plaque removal. The sharp teeth cleaning tools or the scraping sound of the ultrasonic may scare the patients. However, these instruments are devised in a way to get the maximum benefit out of it. Remember the fact that dental tools are manufactured to provide you with the best treatment available and not to hurt you. All the more, expert dentists perform the task of giving you the smile that you have always desired. They do the same treatment daily; thus, they will know if there is any problem caused to you before you do.

  1. Deep cleaning the teeth

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The more your negligence, the more the accumulation of tartar in your mouth. The mechanism of the build-up material starts in the form of plaque. When a sticky biofilm forms over the tooth’s surface ( plaque), with improper cleaning, the plaque gradually changes to form calculus. This is a crusty, stubborn deposit that sticks to the teeth. Dentists remove plaque and calculus with the help of specialized instruments called scalers. After removing all the deposits from the tooth surface, your dentist will deeply clean your teeth. Deep cleaning is more precise and targets the areas that the scalers might have missed.

  1. Flossing of tooth

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Home flossing and the flossing done by professionals carry a massive difference. Flossing your teeth daily is a must. However, there will be grooves and fissures of the teeth that you will inadvertently miss. These unclean spots then become a reservoir for bacteria to manifest. Annual dental cleaning is recommended to diminish such problems. In a dental cleaning session, the dentist precisely works on every nook and cranny of your teeth to give a whole mouth cleanup.

  1. Rinsing and fluoride application

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The dentists will continuously ask you to swish your mouth with water. By doing this, all the debris and residues that might be clinging to your mouth will flow out. The next step proceeds with fluoride application. Although this step is optional, most dentists nowadays follow this methodology. A gel or sticky paste-like substance is applied all over your teeth. After a minute of application, the fluoride layer builds a protective guard over the teeth. The benefit of fluoride is that it prevents the advancement of caries and helps in maintaining the strength of the teeth. However, keep caution that you do not use excessive fluoride toothpaste or any form of it as this will result in fluorosis.  

This five-staged process is the best way to maintain your sparkling smile and prevent oral health diseases. The dental cleaning procedure is advised by the dentists every six months. Sadly, the majority of people do not pay heed to this warning. It is essential to remember that dental health can be preserved through proper care and cleaning. Unlike any other systemic health issue, oral health diseases can be controlled, provided we pay detailed attention to maintaining oral hygiene. Therefore, never skip your dental cleaning sessions as they are the preventive measures against fatal oral as well as systemic diseases.

A few checklists to be observed after a dental clean-up are;

  • Efficient brushing

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The 2-times, 2-minute brushing technique helps in keeping a healthy oral system. The right way of brushing is to move your brush in a circular motion and reach out to all the surfaces of each tooth. Do not be rigorous in the process. Clean your entire mouth, including your tongue, and make sure to change your brush once the bristles become weak. You may opt for an electric toothbrush as they have more potential to remove plaque than the standard manual brushes.

  • Do not miss on your flossing

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Bacteria are more likely to grow in interdental spaces. Therefore, flossing is the key to retard the growth of the adamant bacteria. Use the finger wrap method while flossing. I.e. take a 20 inches long floss and wrap it around the fingers of each of your hands. Gently glide under your gum line to scrape off the minute unwanted particles. With brushing and flossing, avoid harmful substances like soda, sugar, and tobacco for your teeth’ health. Hence, along with professional cleaning, maintaining self-hygiene is also crucial.

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Missing your dental checkups can be an open invitation to a plethora of diseases. Make your appointment today at Cosmodontist or call  +8368774211 to maintain excellent oral health.

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