How do I know if I need a root canal or a filling?

How do I know if I need a root canal or a filling

Tooth decay is extremely common and a lot of adults experience cavity problems at least once in life. Cavity is formed when a portion of the tooth becomes demineralized due to lack of brushing or dental cleaning. This results in a loss of enamel health, due to which the enamel weakens, dissolves and eventually forms a hole in the tooth. However, people are indifferent and often ignorant towards their teeth and cannot tell when they need medical attention. For this purpose, it is important to recognize signs and symptoms and learn about the different medical procedures concerning the teeth. 

The Much Maligned Root-Canal Procedure

Root canal, also known as endodontic treatment, is performed on account of infection of a nerve or pulp of the tooth. It is carried out to remove the inflamed or infected pulp from inside of the tooth. Once the bad pulp is removed, the root canal is cleaned and filled, and the space is sealed. When done, your dentist will place a crown or other restoration to protect the tooth. 

What Is Tooth Filling and When To Get It?

In case of cavity or minor tooth decay or small tooth fractures, tooth filling is recommended. In this procedure, the cavity is cleaned and the hole is filled with composite resin. This prevents the situation from getting worse. 

5 Telltale Signs That You Need a Filling or a Root Canal

  • If your tooth hurts persistently, or if the ache keeps coming back and you can often feel it in the bone of your tooth, you need to visit your dentist. You are probably in need of a root canal or a filling. 
  • If sensitivity lingers long after you have consumed something hot or cold, it may be a sign, telling you to get immediate medical attention.
  • Having swollen gums is also a symptom of infected teeth. It is also possible that the gums around the infected tooth have a pimple on them, known as gum boil. This pimple may ooze pus, and give you a bad taste and bad breath. 
  • Discoloration can happen due to an infection in the pulp of your tooth. If your tooth is changing color, it is always advisable to visit the dentist. 

  • When your tooth is infected and the nerve is damaged, it may feel looser, causing a persistent pain when you eat or touch your tooth. 
  • A cracked tooth is also a potentially infected tooth and may require a root canal or a filling.

What Is The Basic Difference Between Root Canal and Filling?

While the symptoms which demand immediate medical attention regarding tooth filling and root canal are the same, there are differences in the kinds of material used and the number of visits that you require to pay to your dentist. 

Materials: A filling is placed inside of the cavity to prevent it from growing any further, and is made of silver amalgam, composite resin, gold, or other hard enamel-like material. It conforms to the shape of the cavity to prevent bacteria from infiltrating the filling. 

In the root canal, the infected pulp is removed completely and replaced with a dental putty called gutta-percha. This substance is made from a Malaysian tree. Dental crowns are also used, as teeth undergoing a root canal are much weaker. 

Visits: While tooth filling requires about an hour, a root canal may require more than two visits.

Your dentist will determine the course of action needed to be performed on the tooth based on the severity of its condition. If they tell you that the tooth can be repaired by a filling, it means that your tooth can be saved as it is healthy enough. Root canals are the last resort before extraction. 

Where To Seek Treatment? 

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