Laser Dental Cleaning in Gurgaon

Nowadays, a lot of individuals are dealing with dental ailments. It is painful and often costly to deal with these ailments. However, as technology and innovation progress, lasers are coming into the picture even in the field of dentistry. Laser dentistry helps treat a wide range of oral conditions as it offers deep cleaning. It focuses on gum illnesses and the treatment of the tooth. This technique does not use any special dental tools. Rather, it uses lasers to remove plaque and the buildup of tartar, as lasers help the dentist concentrate explicitly on the plaque around the tooth. It is possible that scaling and root planning take place in this treatment, but these are minimally invasive procedures. Lasers help make your treatment quicker, simpler, and a lot less painful. 

Let’s Demolish The Myths About Laser Scaling! 

  • Teeth Become Weaker? This is entirely false. Post-scaling, teeth can only become healthier and better. It is believed that the presence of tartar holds the teeth intact, but in reality, that is only negatively impacting the attachment of gums and teeth. 
  • An Increase In Gaps? Prior gaps in the teeth are covered by tartar, which when removed, gives the patients the impression that new gaps have formed, which is untrue. 
  • Teeth Become Sensitive? There is a mild sensitivity experienced by some patients when tartar is removed, as the teeth become exposed to the oral environment. However, this vanishes in a day or two. While other patients do not even experience this sensitivity. 

How Does Laser Dental Cleaning Benefits You? 

  • Gingivitis is extremely common and comes along with bone loss and severe gum bleeding. Laser scaling helps patients with gingivitis by removing and killing the bacteria, causing minimal bleeding and swelling of the gums. 
  • Lasers are less invasive than traditional methods and help reduce anxiety in patients who are not comfortable with the use of a drill. 
  • There is a reduced application of anesthesia as lasers cause less pain. 
  • Laser technology helps preserve healthy parts of the teeth during the removal of cavities. This is an added benefit to patients with severe tooth infections.
  • The healing time is reduced post-laser treatment. The recovery period is shorter and the entire process is much faster. 
  • The risk of bacterial infection is lowered as lasers sterilize the area. 

    Who Needs Laser Dental Cleaning? 

    Your dentist will recommend laser dental cleaning for your teeth if:

    • Your teeth have become mobile and your gums are unhealthy due to the excessive deposition of tartar over a period of time. 
    • The formation of plaque has caused unhealthy gums and resulted in the formation of pockets around the teeth. Plaque gets accumulated in these pockets and cannot be removed by regular brushing. This causes tooth loss if not treated on time. If plaque pockets are too deep, scaling will be required. 
    • A simple brushing of the teeth is not helping you in removing the external stains on the teeth. In this case, laser scaling and polishing will help.

Where To Secure The Best Laser Dental Cleaning? 

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