Is dental implant painful?

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Are Dental Implant Painful

dental implant

We never acknowledge how great a smile can make us look until and unless one tooth goes missing. When this happens, you are going to conceal yourself inside a shell, be embarrassed to smile, or openly talk to people.

A dental implant is a department of dentistry that has happened to bring us the means to adjust our smile that would suit us and make us look like before. But one fear that holds people back from getting into the treatment- is dental implant  painful? Most people withdraw their consent from undergoing the process because of their deep-seated fear that the treatment might bring about pain and discomfort.

To break this myth, we have this blog for you so that you can understand the reality and not stop yourself by wondering, ‘is dental implant painful? ‘and getting the necessary treatment that you need based on unrealistic fears and setbacks.

So the answer to the big dental implant painful? 

For your ease, we split the treatment into two parts- the first part involves incising your jaw to insert the titanium post or implant inside it. Although the idea of this might ascertain your question- is dental implant painful? But, unlike its dictation, the reality is quite different.

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This step involves the use of anesthesia. As the procedure is done under the effect of anesthesia, the entire area is numbed during that process, and you will feel no pain the whole time.

Did you know: Most people relate that a tooth getting pulled out is, in actuality, a more painful procedure than getting a dental implant surgery done? Hence have a rebrush of your thoughts when you think, is dental implant painful?

The next step to the implant treatment includes drilling holes to insert the titanium post, which may sound intimidating, but the reality gives a different insight.

On the safe side, your dentist will also prescribe you analgesics or pain relievers so that you may experience no pain after the procedure is completed.

The next important step in healing. But how does the healing take place?

Is dental implant painful?

Are there any after-effects of the procedure that we may feel after the treatment is over?

Since the dentists have to probe your soft tissue area during the treatment, you might feel slight tenderness after your anesthesia wears off. But this is nothing unnatural or unmanageable in the first place. However, if your dentist is an expert and deals with inserting implants often, he may do this with great ease and agility, giving you a pain-free after-effect.

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With the completion of the process, it is also your duty that you take care of yourself and do not apply extra pressure on that area. It is necessary that you take soft foods and do not temper in the operation region. To make matters easy for you, your dentist will always prescribe a pain reliever so that you may take it when needed.

A few of the aftercare points that you should keep in mind are enlisted below for your safe keep;

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  • Know that you may feel tenderness, swelling for a period of about two to three days.
  • For healthier and faster recovery, rinse your mouth with saline water at least three to four times daily after the treatment has been done.
  • Do not eat hot food for the next 48 hours.
  • Have a diet that includes soft foods or liquid foods.
  • Avoid any trauma to the tissue.
  • Abstain from the usage of straws.
  • Use an analgesic to ease your pain, swelling, and tenderness
  • Try to avoid smoking for about three days.

dental implant photos

We all know that every person has a different body mechanism and reacts differently to different situations. However, if you feel any post effect of the implant procedure that is overbearing for you or a pain that lasts you for days, it is time that you take your problem to your dentist and notify him about the discomfort that you are facing. It may so happen that this might indicate that your implant has not been successful, and in such scenarios, immediate care has to be taken. This however does not validate your question- is dental implant painful? As this is a rare phenomenon and mostly no discomfort accompanies a dental implant.

The most important question that remains after you are aware that the procedure is not painful…

Is a dental implant worth it?

Implants are not a one-day answer to your prolonging issues. To have a definite and permanent result, you need to wait for at least six months and get the desired look that you always wanted. Although it is not a quick fix, if you question your dentist, he will vouch for it and solidify the fact that this is a worthwhile procedure. Well, not only your dentist but even past implant patients will second this statement.

The benefits of dental implants are listed down below for you so that you can clearly see that dental implants are actually the treatment you have been looking for;

dental implant india

  • It gives a 98% success rate.
  • It is a durable treatment.
  • It is the closest look that you can get in comparison to your original set of teeth.
  • With proper care, your implant will last you a lifetime.
  • It prevents further bone loss.
  • It is resistant to decay.
  • Permanent and the final solution to your problem.

It is understandable that any kind of surgery, be it major or minor, may leave a scary effect on your mind. You may have thoughts that is dental  implant painful? Wonder about the cuts, the bruises, complications that come along with the surgery, but it is to be realized that dental implant surgery offers a 98% success rate, and it has very slim chances of not working.

Consider going to the best dentist to avail of this treatment at an affordable price. Cosmodontist is the best dental implant clinic in India with all the advanced technologies and highly efficient doctors to give you the best treatment possible. Every patient is treated and given the best, making the success rates go up to the 100% mark. Although fear and reluctance may accompany the surgery, it is required that you realize that your dentist will obviously make your life easier and be able to give you the correct guidance, treatment, and care so that you accomplish your needs.

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So now it’s time you leave your worries and fears behind, stop hovering the question, is dental implant painful and walk up to us or call at +8368774211 to begin your dental implant in Gurgaon journey and come out with a brilliant smile

Here are a few dental implant pictures which validate the incredible work done at Cosmodontist.

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Dental implant before and after-( dental implant pictures).

dental implants gurgaon

Dental implant before and after-

dental implants in india

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