Is teeth cleaning safe?

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When was the last time you went for an oral health check-up? You are most probably going to recall the time when you had that throbbing toothache, and no clove oil or saline water was helping. An oral health check-up implies the periodic dental visits after every six months, which very conveniently everyone misses.

The most under-hyped idea would be to go to these regular check-ups, and the most overhyped is the fictitious thought that has build up in the mind of many; they refer to dental cleaning as a technique that would strip away their enamel. Moreover, few have even reported the sensitivity felt after a dental cleaning. So it must be a fact! Dental cleaning strips away our enamel leaving us with sensitivity.
Is it really so? Isn’t it time that we learn to distinguish fact over fiction?
For all the myths and the rumours that are doing the rounds, the essential thing is to make oneself aware and then judge the right from wrong.

Why is dental cleaning required- 

We believe we take utmost care of our health, and we are responsible enough also to decide if we need a doctor or not. Can this way of living be actually called worthy? In reality, we are ignoring our health and overlooking the signs and symptoms that our body gives from time to time. Agreed, there are people whose lives are surrounded by all the hustle and bustle. They are so preoccupied with work that dental clinic visits, that too without experiencing any pain, is no less than a lingering thought for them.

Now the dental sessions are not just to give you ‘white teeth.’ In any random dental visit, the dentists diagnosis the oral health of your entire mouth very precisely and pinpointing any problem that might cause a long-term danger. Dental check-ups are, thus, a way to prevent critical conditions before they occur. Why are just not diagnoses made then? Why do dentists also opt for a dental clean-up?

Did you know that the technique of brushing and flossing is the main criteria for maintaining a healthy oral hygiene, and unfortunately, we make a mistake in the first step itself? The improper brushing and not using a floss out of the fear that it will enlarge the gaps within our teeth are completely wrong notions. These heedless ways are the real reasons for the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Over time, the plaque induces the bacteria to further infest on the tooth, and hence, it advances on its journey to affect the pulp. This is the time where you feel the excruciating pain that radiates to your head. Isn’t it so much better if we just brush properly and take frequent dental visits for a thorough clean-up to prevent that extent of pain and, in worst cases, maybe… even a loss of a tooth! So go to the best dental hospital in Gurgaon, to avoid such circumstances.

Are there any side effects to dental cleaning-

• Sensitivity-
Yes, you have to deal with sensitivity after a dental clean-up. But, know the real reason for it. When you visit a dentist for a clean-up, at times, it so happens that there is a recession of gums due to the presence of calculus there. After a session of dental cleaning, the receded gums are exposed to air and water, which brings about sensitivity. This, however, is a temporary setback that lasts up to a few days. The gums will soon enough come back to their original position, giving you no sensitivity problems thereafter.

• The gap between teeth-
Teeth already have few spaces between them that get concealed with food debridement. After a dental cleaning where all the plaque, calculus, and food remnants are removed, the gap may become just visible. Dental clean-ups do not induce any gaps between teeth.

• Sore or swollen gums-
Deep dental cleaning requires removing the calculus formed at the gingival level, and sometimes even below that. These minor pricking to the gums may result in its soreness. This, too, is a short-term effect that subsides in a few days.

When will you book your appointment now?

People have dealt with many misapprehensions with the change in time-
Fiction 1- Dental cleaning may cause gaps between teeth.
Fiction 2- Dental clean-ups strip away the enamel and cause sensitivity.
The truth is, however, only one, dental cleaning, helps to deep clean our teeth, which is not accessible to us by just brushing or flossing. So regular dental check-ups are necessary to prevent the decay of teeth.
As for us, all that is required from our side is to relish on toothsome desserts and not to miss any dental appointment! To book your appointment, visit Cosmodentist- the best dental clinic in Gurgaon

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