Myths About Root Canal Treatment Debunked


Root Canal Treatment in Delhi NCR

The following are the myths about root canal and tooth pain that misguides people. Root canal treatment can be frightening, but it acts as a tooth saving procedure. Check out the myths and facts about root canal treatment:

MYTH 1: You only need a root canal if you have a tooth pain.

There are many tests involved that help us to know whether the tooth is dead or needs a treatment.

MYTH 2: A lot of pain is involved in the root canal treatment.

The treatment helps to relive the pain of the tooth and does not cause any pain.

MYTH 3: Root canals causes infection.

Not only are root canals safe and effective, they eliminate bacteria from the infected roots of teeth, improving both your oral health and your overall health.

MYTH 4: It is better to get the tooth extracted than to have a root canal treatment done.

Own teeth are the best to keep. So, one should take all the treatments that can help to save the teeth.

If you have any other questions or queries related to root canal treatment, then schedule an appointment with our specialist. Or if you know any other myths and facts about root canal treatment apart from these, then share with us.

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