This is what oil pulling can do to your dental hygiene

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This is what oil pulling can do to your dental hygiene-

This blog will be an eye-opener for many people unaware of the innumerable benefits of oil pulling. This technique is an ancient method of cleansing the oral cavity and is regarded as a functioning method in Ayurveda.

What is oil pulling?

Oil swishing allows cleansing your mouth from the undesirable effects of the germs and bacteria that impose a significant threat to your oral health.

Researchers have deduced that oil pulling, as the name suggests, pulls the bacteria out from the oral cavity. This may happen as the gums get moisturized, leading to excess salivation, which hence, results in the reduction of the harmful bacteria. Oil swishing is also helpful in reducing inflammation and promoting oral health.

This blog gives an insight into the advantages of oil pulling and how it helps build up our oral hygiene.

Mechanisms and benefits of oil pulling-

  1. Kill harmful bacteria-

A plethora of bacteria exists in the oral cavity. Not all of them are safe and advantageous to the system; a few bacteria present in the cavity are the ones that must be actually avoided as that leads to diseases and many oral issues. A lot of studies have proved that the use of oil pulling controls these bacteria. Thus, making them nonfunctional and improving oral hygiene.

  1. Oil pulling helps in reducing bad breath-

No one entertains a foul smell coming out of their mouth. In fact, this makes them feel embarrassed, and they exclude themselves from socializing with people. This also deranges the confidence and makes them unable to talk, smile, and come in front of people. Bacteria present in the mouth leads to several issues, one of them being a foul mouth odor. Oil swishing is a helpful and tried method to overcome this issue. Through this technique, the bacteria gets killed, and since there are no germs, the odor issue is also solved.

  1. Helps in the prevention of caries-

Caries are found in the mouth when bacteria grow over a while. This leads to unavoidable holes or cavities that may lead to grave oral health challenges. To stop the growth of bacteria initially, the oil pulling method has come out to be proven beneficial and right on point. This method helps to control the growth of bacteria, does not lead to the formation of caries in the first place, thereby avoiding the problems that may come along with it.

  1. It improves gum health and reduces inflammation-

Gingivitis, or the swelling of the gums, is a significant problem faced by many people nowadays. Gingivitis may give rise to periodontitis which comes with the loosening of teeth and thus eventually in the falling of the teeth. You should be aware that in dental health, one problem leads to another. The best method to prevent significant issues is to stop them in their onset. Problem. You have now seen, oil pulling is a beneficial technique that you can incorporate where a majority of your problems will be handled and not aggravated, leading to unnecessary trouble and trauma.

  1. A cost-effective routine that you can include in your daily lifestyle-

There are marketed brands that come around each day to provide and get them through poor oral health. However, we forget that there are many ingredients and natural-based remedies that are present right in our kitchen counters which we generally overlook and get blown away with high end products instead. It is time that we give him the importance of cost-effective means that are as helpful in improving our health and letting diseases pass by. Oil pulling is an effective method of controlling the majority of oral health issues, and not only is it readily available, but the product is highly cost-effective. You can easily find oils like coconut, sesame in your kitchen and homes and use them since they will be of utmost benefit, and you can get away with your worries regarding oral health.

  1. Helps in whitening teeth-

Unfortunately, this goodness-filled ingredient has not been researched enough, thus leading to a very restricted means of availability of its advantages that we can draw out of it. Oil pulling, as we have seen, helps in most cases leading to healthy oral hygiene. One oil-pulling usage is that it helps whiten teeth, but due to the lack of evidence, this is yet to be given a stamp on. The whitening of the teeth but various other advantages remain hidden in the antique method of oil pulling. Proper studies and researchers are yet to unfold and understand the benefits of oil pulling at a deeper level.

How to do oil pulling?

The accurate and straightforward steps will help you to do oil pulling precisely so that you can avail the maximum benefits out of it.

  • Take a small quantity of coconut, sesame, or olive oil according to your preference.
  • Keep swishing the oil in your mouth for around 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure that you do not gulp down any of the oil.
  • Spit the oil after that and rinse your mouth with water.

These steps are recommended to be done early in the morning empty stomach. You can, however, repeat this method at least twice daily for about a week or so to see the noticeable changes.

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