Relief from toothache with home remedies?

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Doctors will say it is an absurd idea! Old conformist people will swear to its legibility! What is the truth, then? Can toothache subside with clove oil or alcohol put in cotton? Then what are dental clinics there for? You can always talk to the best dentist in Gurgaon to get answers to your questions.

For most of us an old friend, acquaintance, the family may have come to the rescue during an unbearable toothache. Of course, they came in with our best interest in mind but sadly they were a little ill-informed!

Well, you no longer need to dangle between the old beliefs and the upgraded scientific technologies. This blog is to give you a clear insight to “What these home remedies are and  are they actually functional or not?”

Why, in the first place, is there a need to depend on home remedies?

The trend has been set to listen to our ancestors and work according to their methods. After all, they must have tried and tested everything, right? So following their footsteps would be one of the most obliging things to do. Unfortunately, a fact is being neglected here. With the advent of technology, things have changed, and also their outlook has taken a different turn altogether.

One major factor that makes us keep a distance from dental clinics and dentists is the fear of costly treatment. People anticipate dental treatments to be highly expensive thus, abstain from them.

A busy routine is also often a reason to resort to home remedies. Visiting a dentist can altogether take many hours. So the alternative is to sit at home and try a few home remedies to subdue that sore spot inside the mouth. But do remember that all these ideas work only for a short span of time. Dental pain is the physical projection of the bacteria getting its way inside your pulp and maybe even the…bone! Only a proper dental visit can eradicate your ‘tooth troubles’ from the core.

Few trusted home remedies?

Clove oil

The use of clove oil is the first intended thought that brews in our mind when there is throb in the tooth. Ever wondered why the clove oil ceases your pain?

Clove oil contains eugenol, so as to say a natural anaesthetic. It,

therefore, numbs your tooth from having any sensations. But just as any anaesthetic’s potency decreases with time, the clove oil gives temporary relief. Now you have an answer to why you have to keep applying the oil the whole night, with the pain graphically changing its course.


Alcohol gives a soothing effect to the impending pain that you may be dealing with the entire day. It brings in a gush of relief when you do not have to hold your head and screech because the pain has been radiating upwards. But beware of its consequences; the sooner the alcohol evaporates, the faster you are left with the roaring pain.


This is a form of natural antibiotic. Taking a clove of garlic or two in your mouth can suppress the pain. Permanently, you think? No, almost at every instance, all home remedies are time-dependent-cause-diminishing, however, not efficient enough to eradicate the issue wholly.

Peppermint tea bags

Herbal elixir to stunt the growth of bacteria! Its benefits have been listed by many. Although true, it is again a short time working miracle.

Vanilla extract

This is in use as it constitutes of alcohol, and as previously mentioned, alcohol has numbing properties.

Saltwater rinse

Saltwater is believed to provide temporary relief as it cleanses the area and removes debris and tissues.

Hydrogen peroxide

This too, like saltwater, acts as a cleansing agent. Its actions are superior to regular saltwater, but the outcome is what we have seen in all the above cases — A temporary relief!

Are home remedies actually beneficial in soothing toothaches?

All these ‘magical bullets’ do not offer permanent repose after popping them in our mouth. Sadly, it’s mere quackery that people have solidly been inclined towards. Yes, we cannot deny the fact that these remedies offer a short time comfort. But this is no excuse to avoid dental clinics. It is to be vowed upon that only proper treatment can assure permanent bliss, saving both your future costs and critical conditions.

‘Precision is the road towards perfection.’

Work on the root cause of the ailment to eradicate the problem. Alternatives to it are just excuses you are giving to yourself.

The wise decision would be to reach out to the best dental hospital in Gurgaon to prevent the throbbing toothaches and the problems that follow thereafter.

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