Are you due for a dental cleaning?

Don’t all of us mostly procrastinate visiting dentists and dental clinics? Agreed, we all are busy in the ongoing rush of the workspace. Even more, a six-month due routine check-up is so much to fit into our busy life schedules. Yet, the advancement has taught us few lessons. With the growing need to look appealing and attractive, we visit the clinics to get a periodic dental cleaning done. This action is, however, even to this date, only restricted to the higher strata of society. A little more awareness and proper guidance would hopefully spread this knowledge to all people alike. It is a mandate call to reach out to one of the best dental clinic in Gurgaon to update your awareness regarding your oral health.

Oral Health Treatment in Gurgaon

Now don’t wait for things to go south. The sensitivity felt after having the ice cream or any other cold, creamy treat or a hot mug of beverage is not when you opt to go to the dentist. Clinics are focused more on preventing the issues rather than providing treatment to ‘an already caused danger.’ It is to save the tooth, opting for root canal treatment rather than extracting your tooth! Visit your dentist routinely to avoid such trauma to your oral tissues. Remember, a little plaque formed now can advance in the long run, resulting in the spread of bacteria to your pulp and even to the underlying bone.

Why is dental cleaning a mandate?

Caries prevention

Caries prevention Treatment

Caries is the growth of bacteria on the tooth. With periodic visits to the dentist, your oral hygiene is maintained, and also there is a guarantee that the advancement of caries will not take place.

Loosening of the tooth

Loosening of the tooth Treatment

With the plaque being accumulated on the teeth, there is a chance that it will affect the gingiva too as in the gums. We often see that there is a recession of the gums. This happens due to the plaque there. Over time, the gums that hold the tooth lose grip over it, thus, results in its mobility.

Odorless breath

Odorless breath Treatment

With regular cleaning, flossing, and a visit to the dentist, the foul odor can be replaced with a fresher breath.

White teeth

White teeth Treatment

Who does not want to flash a beautiful smile? Yellow teeth can mar down your personality. Having dental prophylaxis (cleaning) can give you a confident smile.

Prevention of further problems

Did you know that the bacteria can proceed dynamically to your sinus and even to your brain if treatment is not started at the right time? Regular dental visits can omit this issue.

What are the different types of dental cleaning methods?

Dental cleaning or prophylaxis

Dental cleaning Treatment

Do not go by the difficult terminology, Prophylaxis has a simple meaning. All of us must have noticed the ‘yellow plaque’ or the ‘white calculus’ forming on our teeth at some point in time. No matter how aggressively we brush our teeth, that odious substance will just not be wiped off! Dentists are the only saviors then.

Dental cleaning is a part of preventive dentistry, which begins with the examination of oral hygiene. Then the dentist continues with a thorough cleaning, flossing, and finally polishing of the teeth. This leaves behind a healthy white smile. Prophylaxis is advised every six months and taking care of your oral health at home till that time.

Root Planning

Root Planning Treatment

Quite a familiar term, isn’t it? The reason being people mostly opt for scaling as they hardly keep intact their six-month regular clean-ups. Scaling is a more profound technique for cleaning your teeth. Also called root planning or deep dental cleaning, it involves the removal of plaque and tartar from below the gum line. This method ensures a healthy periodontal state.

Gingival Curettage

Gingival Curettage Treatment

It refers to the removal of plaque and calculus on a large scale. The build-up is so much that the dentist cannot opt for any other cleaning methods. Ultrasonic scaling is the preferred way by which plaque and other debris are removed in gross amounts. Only a high grade of reluctance can bring anyone to this stage.

Still, thinking of skipping your dental visits?

The motive behind this blog is not to compel you to increase your meetings with the dentist. It is simply to make you aware of the side effects of neglecting oral health. The brushing routine of two- minutes, two- times a day is not enough to maintain that ‘blinding smile.’ Take care of your oral hygiene as you do with the rest of the body. After all, the first thing that strikes… is a smile!

If you too want to dumbstruck the people around you with a beautiful, healthy smile, make your appointment today with the dentists in Gurgaon.