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While considering getting your teeth whitened, you will have two choices…the in-house dental whitening treatment by professionals or the self-induced whitening tools available in the market.

Dental procedures are the work of intricacy, and only trained professionals can accomplish it with excellent agility.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening methods are not free of risks. As the teeth whitening agents contain bleaching products, using them in an adequate quantity with proper vigilance is a must.

To negate such problems and maintain your pearly whites, getting teeth whitening procedures done by a dentist is a more wise option.

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But is the treatment worth it?

With the regular focus being brought to the aesthetics of a person, one of the most crucial parts is to design a smile that accentuates your fashion statement. People may delay their routine check-ups, but they will not wait a minute when they have developed stains over their teeth.

The dentists are their rescuers for the time being. If not, many people flock to pharmacies and nearby drug stores to get whitening strips to abate their problem.

Before acting out hastily, did you know that a whitening agent can make your teeth weak?

Even after its deranging effect on the teeth, why it is done?

Teeth whitening is an effective and safe process, provided it is done correctly. Therefore, if you are thinking of undergoing the teeth whitening procedure, refer to a trained dentist to ease your worries of weakened or mottled teeth.

Regular sessions of teeth whitening methods hamper the enamel?

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If you know, bleaching agents have the potential to make your teeth brittle. You must have obviously wondered, ‘Do teeth whitening cause permanent sensitivity?’ or ‘ Is teeth whitening bad for the enamel?’

Professional treatments lower the risk of any adverse effects on your teeth. If you plan to get your teeth whitened, go to an expert instead of picking up marketed products.

Now that you have decided to go for your dental visit, the next apparent question is the teeth whitening cost.

Is the teeth whitening treatment worth the cost?

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The desire to have a bright and shining smile is what everybody wants. Few are born with the perfect sparkling smile, while others are not that lucky.

Teeth staining is a prevalent problem that can kill your confidence and make you conscious even to smile openly.

The moment you see those stains, you decide to cut off any products that might have caused the discoloration in the first place. And second, to use teeth whitening methods.

Before you jump to do any of the above, you should be aware of the fact that stains are typical of two types;

  • Intrinsic stains.
  • Extrinsic stains.

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Intrinsic teeth stains are the ones that are present below the tooth surface. In this type, the stain-causing particle accumulates below the surface of the enamel—high usage of fluoride results in intrinsic staining.

Since the stains are present below the tooth surface, therefore, standard over-the-counter whitening devices are not beneficial to remove such stains.

On the contrary, extrinsic stains are formed by the heavy consumption of pigmented food and drinks like tea, coffee, tobacco, wine.

No matter what type of stains are making your personality, it is vital to check with your dentist before you opt for any non-professional method.

As the type of staining is heavily influenced by the practical choice of treatment, therefore, inadequate knowledge and self-prescribed attitude can only lead to wastage of money and be harmful to your health as well.

But, professional teeth whitening procedures are expensive?

The in-house whitening treatment can make your teeth about ten shades whiter than your present teeth color. On the other hand, over-the-counter products have the potency to whiten your teeth only up to one shade higher.

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The factor of the budget is a big question. But so is your safety.

Pharmacies will offer you devices that offer no safety most of the time. Dentists, however, provide you with treatment with all care and sincerity.

Since the treatment is of high quality, the premium range of such procedures may vary amongst dentists. However, the regular price of the teeth whitening process is between Rs.8000 to 10000.

When should you opt to get your teeth whitened?

If you face dilemmas in smiling openly or have an important event coming up, teeth whitening can be your lifesaver.

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The options are many, the budget is flexible, and the procedure is safe if done under an expert hand.

Teeth whitening should not be a part of your regular dental treatments. This procedure should be limited as they contain potent agents. Only resort to teeth whitening if you have major staining issues. This way, you will get your whiter shade of teeth and also be saved from getting a hole in the pocket.

Protect your teeth after the whitening treatment.

Stains can quickly build up even after the procedure. Dentists, for this reason, recommend periodic dental check-ups to keep all oral health issues at bay.

A few techniques that should be followed to maintain your pearly whites are;

  • Avoid food and drinks that may cause staining

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Yellowing of teeth is a typical issue with few food habits. These consist of coffee, berries, tea, and red wine.

Although you do not have to stop consuming them completely, it is preferable to limit their ingestion.

  • Stop smoking

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The obvious but significant factor that you should abstain from is smoking. Tobacco in the smoke is not only harmful to your lungs but also plays a role in the discoloration of your teeth.

  • Brush frequently

Taking stained food cannot be avoided in all circumstances.

But, a doable action is to brush your teeth every time you have anything that has the ability to stain your teeth.

  • Use straws

Drinking fluids through straws minimize the dangers of teeth staining as in this way; there is no direct contact of the pigmented liquid with your teeth.

So next time you go out anywhere, make sure you carry a straw with you.

The best way to maintain your smile is always to visit your dentist timely. The experts at Cosmodentist make sure that you can smile freely while being safe.

The choice is, therefore, yours… you want a stained smile or a stunning smile?

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No matter what you do, call for professional help today at +8368774211 to make the right decision.