Teeth whitening pen vs. teeth whitening strips: which is the best for you?

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Teeth Whitening Strips & Pen Treatment

Everyone wishes to have a set of sparkling teeth…The one’s television commercials flaunt with grace. But the majority of us are not born with white teeth.

In fact, truth be told, the natural color of our teeth is not white!

Yes, you heard it right. The teeth have an original tinge of yellow in them. This is because of the reflection of the dentin(yellow in color) in the enamel surface.

But, who believes in the theory of imperfection today and to maintain the God-gifted traits.

Not only that, big brands and banners very effectively market the perfectness of almost everything.

You are unhappy with the way you look… opt for a cosmetic surgery process. If you are losing your hair…there are hair transplants. And if you are unhappy with the yellow sheen on your teeth…get rid of it.

Everything has a solution. But is the solution needed and even more safe to undergo?

Let us find out…

Teeth whitening has come a long way. Technology today has moved light years ahead and makes procedures like teeth whitening wholly safe and also affordable.

So if you are enthralled by the shining smile of television celebrities, you too have a way to achieve that.

People these days live an unhealthy lifestyle resorting to unhealthy food habits.

Few sources of food and drinks have the potential to stain the teeth. These include;

  • Dark stained drinks like tea and coffee that can result in tooth discoloration.

  • Chewing tobacco and smoking stains the teeth as they contain tar in them.
  • Trauma, injury of any tooth.
  • Improper maintenance of hygiene.
  • Taking medicines that contain tetracycline.
  • Dental fluorosis(occurrence of white lines on the teeth that are noticed in children who consume fluoride in large proportion).

As there are several factors to deteriorate your smile, the same way, there are various tools that will enable you to acquire your desired look.

Teeth that are free from caries and any gum diseases bring no adverse effects even if they are stained.

Thus, the decision relies entirely upon you if you want to bleach your teeth or not.

What are the teeth whitening options?

Nowadays, the try at the home solution of teeth whitening is recognized.

Options include teeth whitening pens and teeth whitening strips that are readily available over the counters.

If you are wondering which is the better option out of the two for you, here are some head-on comparisons that will assist you in concluding.

Teeth whitening pen

One of the options to make your personality more appealing and have a bright smile is the teeth whitening pen.

As the name makes it clear, the tool looks like a pen that contains a bleaching agent. The 22% carbamide peroxide solution in the pen is proficient as it can treat one tooth at a time.

You can easily target the affected stain and work on it, making the teeth whitening process feasible.

Advantages of using the bleaching pen?

  • The simple-to -use pen does not cause any extra hassles. You can conveniently apply it to a specific area without irritating the surrounding tissues.
  • The whitening tool works precisely, thus offering better control. You have the freedom to choose which tooth you want to whiten and which you do not.
  • As compared to a tooth whitening stripthe pens are more affordable and easily accessible.
  • They are quick in showing action. The effectiveness seen after using the pen over any other teeth whitening kit is remarkable.

What are the disadvantages of using the pen?

  • The pens can cause sensitivity if left for more than a few hours.
  • The bleaching agent does not adhere to the tooth for an extended period due to the increased salivation.

Teeth whitening strips

Used as a filmed layer of strips that can be worn for a couple of hours to give an impression of whiter teeth.

The strips have a low strength of roughly 6% of hydrogen peroxide solution. The bleaching effect of the strips is therefore safe and less effective in comparison to other whitening agents.

Advantages of using whitening strips

  • The strips are cost-effective and readily available. Since these strips show their effect quickly, many people find this whitening method beneficial and time-saving.
  • The easy-to-apply strips retain their effect for a few hours with just 30 minutes of wearing the strip.

Disadvantages of dental whitening strips

  • Due to its low content strength, the whitening tool ranks the weakest amongst all other teeth whitening procedures.
  • The strips are readily available in large numbers over the counter. This makes it a self-induced tool. People seek the benefit out of these strips many times without even having the proper guidance on how to use them.

Therefore, it is vital to speak to your dentist before using any dental device as it might harm your oral health.

The improper use of the strips irritates the gums and results in the erosion of teeth.

  • Many times, people place the strip disproportionately, causing a mottled effect.
  • The strips are not suitable for crooked teeth as the hydrogen peroxide will not be evenly distributed in such cases.

Most people are not blessed with the perfect set of aligned teeth, making this teeth whitening option less effective for them.

  • The short time usage of the tool also has a setback. Since the whitening strips are worn only for 30 minutesafter application, it does not have the caliber to remove all the stains completely.

Disclaimer: Regardless of your preferred whitening tool, keep in caution that such devices are not recommended to be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Only use the products after getting them checked by your dentist and read the safety instructions on the device’s label.

Whether you opt for a whitening pen or a strip, your choice will significantly be ruled by the kind of outcome you desire.

Teeth whiteners can make you smile confidently, but immense usage of any of the products will make your teeth susceptible to sensitivity.

The best way to know which is the right product for you, always talk to an expert.

Medical conditions, dental hygiene are a few of the factors that can influence your teeth whitening experience.

To make your smile worth it and not indulge in using any harmful products, contact the professionals Dentist at Cosmodontist now.

Call us at +8368774211 to schedule a consultation session.

Because a beautiful smile only strives… in a healthy body!

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