Tooth Sensitivity Or Pain After A Filling

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Tooth Sensitivity After A Filling

The second slot of the visit to the dentist in Gurgaon in the same week! No, it is not the second sitting of a root canal treatment or a different family member that you are taking for a dental procedure this time. It is you again, with your same tooth that gave you nightmares a while ago. You did go to a dentist for a filling, got your tooth restored, then why again, that impending, throbbing sensation? This time a little more deeply consumed in concern, you plan your second trip to your dentist.

“I have a deeper, more excruciating pain now, and there is sensitivity too. Is it something to be worried about?” you ask your dentist.

If you are familiar with such a scenario, then keep your calm. You are not alone in this journey of facing pain after pain for a single tooth. But, exasperating will not help you. On the other hand, the correct knowledge of your situation and a dental visit will surely give you some relief.

This blog is to update you with all you have to know regarding your toothache even after a filling has been done. Also, you can go to a good dentist in Gurgaon, who will explain you in detail the causes of your ache.

Everything about filling(restoration)

We all are aware of the standard three parts of the tooth- enamel, dentin, and pulp. When any bacteria start degrading your tooth- it may be till the dentin area, and over time and further spread, it may reach your pulp. In cases where the dentin gets affected, a restoration or filling is opted for, and if the decay is too deep and has reached the pulp, then root canal treatment is preferred.

In either case, during the excavation of caries(bacteria with its debridement), the dentist has to drill his way through the dentin or the pulp. Now, dentin is vulnerable to sensitivities, and pulp is made up of living tissues. After a dental procedure, the pulp gets invoked to produce a slight amount of pain due to all the prodding. Thus, the little nudge or throb in the tooth after a filling is a normal phenomenon.

The other reasons for the pain are listed below, and they may require the supervision of a dentist-

  1. High point or malocclusion-

An after-filling pain can be induced when the dental material compacted in the tooth is placed in a way that it causes a high point. The person is then unable to close his mouth properly as it causes extra pressure when he bites down. The dentist will then adjust your high points so that you do not face any further problems.

  1. The filling material-

The composite that is used in restoration may at times shrink down in the gaps beneath and cause pain. The micro-cracks formed in the tooth make the passage for saliva and the bacteria to again enter the tooth and cause infection. This is called as secondary caries. The dentist then removes the previous restoration to again fill up the tooth with new material.

  1. Pulp exposure-

In biting food with a lot of force, the filling may come out, exposing the pulp. The dentist will immediately suggest an x-ray and follow up with a filling or even root canal in this case.

Remedies for toothache after filling-

Pain or sensitivity after filling may be a common factor for a few days. To overcome your sore spot, below remedies might be helpful:

  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Abstain from too cold or too hot food for a few days.
  • Do not chew your food from the side where the dental treatment has been done.
  • Do not bite with full force.
  • Use toothpaste recommended for sensitive teeth.
  • Do not forget to floss.
  • Use gentle circular motions to brush your teeth.
  • Avoid eating any kind of citrus food like lemon, yogurt, etc.

Is there any risk factor to the pain after filling-

For‘an already affected tooth,’ filling is the only survival kit! There is no risk in getting a restoration done. Dentists are there if, in any case, situations take unnatural turns. But, we as individuals should be more rooted in taking care of our teeth rather than making them succumb to bacterial invasion. The loss, then, is only ours.

Do not wait any longer with a toothache after filling thinking it will subside. If the pain is building up, immediately visit the best dental clinic in Gurgaon, Cosmodentist.

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