Types Of Dental Braces

Having misaligned or crowded teeth could be inconvenient as they become a hindrance to performing essential functions. These may also cause speech problems or problems associated with eating, and in more severe cases, it may result in misaligned jaws or alter the facial structure. In order to align and improve the bite and position of your teeth, an orthodontist uses dental or orthodontic braces. Until some time ago, the only available option was that of metal braces. However, with the advancement of aesthetics and cosmetics in dentistry, several other options have come up into the picture. 

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What Are The Types Of Dental Braces? Find Out The Best Option For Yourself! 

Braces help to widen or shape the jaws, and/or to realign your teeth in order to obtain the perfect bite for you. Several options have now been made available to those in need of orthodontic braces. Listed below are a few of these along with their costs. 

  • Metal Braces

    These are made of stainless steel and are the cheapest of all options available. However, these may sometimes cause staining of the teeth. The cost ranges from around INR 30,000-45,000. 

  • Ceramic Braces

    These are made of transparent ceramic or plastic. They are more popular than metal braces as they do not stain the teeth. They may cost up to INR 55,000. 

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  • Lingual Braces

    Used by people who want their braces to be invisible, these are fitted to the back surface of the teeth. However, as they come in close contact with the tongue, they may hinder speech and result in sores and cuts on the tongue, and are often very uncomfortable. These are quite expensive, costing up to INR 72,000-1,90,000. 

Invisalign These are not braces, as there are no brackets and wires, but this system uses a series of clear plastic custom-made trays to move teeth into position. This requires a new teeth aligner every two weeks and cannot be used by those with severe malocclusions. These cost around INR 1,00,000-3,00,000.

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How Do Braces Work? 

Many people wonder how braces work. Here is some information regarding the mechanics of braces: 

  • Bracket Design: Brackets, which are made out of metal, ceramic, or plastics, are attached to every individual tooth. 
  • Arch Wire: This is a fine metal wire running across the brackets, exerting force on the teeth. It helps to rotate the teeth and align the tops of the teeth into one plane. 
  • Bone Response: Alveolar bone allows tooth movement to occur. When pressure is applied to the teeth, it is exerted to the gum tissue around the root called the periodontal membrane. This causes certain cells to move into place so that the tooth will move. 

After an evaluation, your orthodontist will advise you on the treatment options based on the severity of your case. This, along with the time and cost are the most important factors in determining the type of dental braces that you must opt for. 

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