What Are Some Alternatives to Dental Implants?

Most people agree that dental implants are the best choice for replacing missing teeth. Both how they look and how they work, dental implants are like natural teeth. They also help keep the jaw bone from breaking down.

But each person is different, and dental implants might not be the best choice for everyone. They may be bad for the patient’s health or not what the patient wants. If you need to replace a tooth, you must know all your options. So, you can go to one of the best dental clinics in Gurgaon and ask your dentist about good alternatives to dental implants.

Dental Bridges

When a person misses one or more teeth, a dentist may recommend a dental bridge. On either side of the missing tooth, some crowns hold it up. Dental bridges are fixed in your mouth, so they won’t move around or come loose. This makes it easy for you to talk and eat.

Dental bridges look like natural teeth and are easy to clean and care for. Also, dental crowns on teeth next to each other will keep them from getting hurt or moving out of place. But for a dental bridge to work, the teeth on either side must be strong and healthy.


Dentures are a way to replace missing teeth that look and feel natural and can be taken out and put back in. Depending on how many teeth need to be fixed, you can choose between full and partial dentures.

  • Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are great for people who want to replace one or more missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. They are made of gum-coloured bases that hold replacement teeth and connect to the teeth that hold them up. Sometimes, you need a crown on the teeth with dentures to ensure they fit well.
  • Full Dentures: You should get a complete set of dentures if you’ve lost all of your teeth or if the ones you need to be taken out because of decay, pain, infection, or other dental problems. The bone ridges, palate (the roof of the mouth), and gums hold a complete upper denture in place. Dental implants have a full lower denture in place (anchors).
  • Dentures held in place by implants: You can also choose a denture held in place by implants. It is perfect for people who want to improve how their teeth fit together and how stable their dentures are. These false teeth are beneficial and are held in place by implants. But the implants can only stay in place if the jaw bone is healthy and strong enough.

Resin-Bonded Bridge 

Resin-bonded bridges are like dental bridges that work and feel like your natural teeth. The only difference is that the false tooth will be placed with resin instead of the teeth next to it, as with dental bridges. The resin is put behind the teeth to hold the false tooth. This method is less dangerous and can be undone if necessary.

Getting a root canal

Root canal therapy can clean out and stabilise the health of a tooth with a dangerous infection inside it. This alternative to dental implants is usually used when your tooth has damage or decay that can be fixed with fillings.

The filling goes into your tooth after the infected pulp is taken out. A crown will be put on the tooth to stop it from getting any more cavities or infections. If your tooth damage isn’t too bad, you might not even need a crown to protect it.


Flipper is a temporary partial denture that looks like a natural tooth and is attached to the sides of a missing tooth. It uses the palate or suction from the roof of the mouth to keep the teeth next to it from moving. Also, it is easy to wear and doesn’t need metal clasps. Even though flippers are cheaper, they are not a long-term solution.

Implant Supported Bridge

If you are missing several teeth, you should get a bridge that implants hold up. The tooth or teeth that were lost are held in place by implants in the teeth next to them. These bridges look beautiful and natural, improving your oral health and making your teeth work better.

If you have lost one or more teeth and are looking for the best way to replace them, contact an excellent clinic to set up an appointment.

Almost every time someone goes to the dentist, they are asked if doing nothing is an option. You should avoid going to the dentist or paying for treatment sometimes. But if you don’t care for your tooth problems, they will get worse and cost more to fix in the long run.

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