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Implant Supported Bridges


Implant Supported Bridges in Gurgaon

Implants can be used to replace more than one missing tooth using two or more implants and splinting them in the form of an implant supported bridge. Read on to know more about implant supported bridges in Gurgaon.

Prior to the Procedure:


During the initial consultation appointments, the patient is asked to go for digital radiographs (X-rays) including an OPG (orthopantomogram) and a 3D Cone Beam CT scan to check for bone quality and quantity. Routine blood tests like fasting sugar , Hba1c , serum calcium levels and vitamin D may be asked by the dentist too.

Placement of Implants


In the 1 st stage surgery ,implants are surgically inserted in the bone. After the implants are placed,cover screws are fixed over the implants and the site closed with sutures.The patient is asked to return after a week for suture removal. Once placed, the implants are allowed time to osseointegrate (attach to the natural bone)for a minimum period of 3-6 months.

Placement of healing abutments and temporary teeth


After 3-6 months In the 2 nd stage , the patient is called for evaluation. At this appointment the cover screws are replaced with healing abutments. Healing abutments allow the gum to form ‘collars’ around the base of the crown (teeth) area. Temporary teeth are provided over the healing abutment for the remainder of the healing process. Depending on the particular case either a composite dental bridge or a partial denture is provided.



At the impression appointment, the healing abutments and temporary teeth are briefly removed, and an impression coping is placed on the implants. Impressions of the dental implants and surrounding teeth are taken. These impressions are sent to a dental laboratory to manufacture the dental bridge.

The healing abutments and temporary teeth are replaced at the end of the appointment.

Placement of final bridge restoration


Once the final dental bridge is received from the dental lab, the patient is called for a final appointment. The healing abutments and temporary teeth are removed, and the final abutments are attached. We will then check the abutments and final dental bridge for fit, and make sure you are comfortable and happy with the result. Once confirmed, your permanent ceramic bridge will be cemented onto the abutments.

If you have any problems or queries regarding implant supported bridges in Gurgaon, you can contact our front desk.