Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is an Endodontic Treatment in which the damaged pulp tissue at the center of the Tooth is dislodged and the space is filled and sealed, to remove infected Tissue and prevent future infections. This procedure treats the infection of the blood or Nerve supply of a Tooth (called pulp) caused due to Tooth decay or injury.

It is done through lasers, and helps the procedure to be completed in just one painless sitting, ensuring complete Sterilization of infected root canals. Severe tooth pain on chewing, sustained sensitivity or pain to heat or cold after the stimuli is removed, discolored teeth, swollen tender gums adjacent to it may be the signs and symptoms indicating an RCT.

Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon at Cosmodontist Dental & Implant Centre is done by the expert Specialized in Endodontic. It is a trusted Dental Clinic in Gurgaon in terms of quality and Cost as it is patient satisfaction centered.

Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Cosmodontist Dental & Implant Centre is the leading dental clinic that provides most advanced root canal treatment in Gurgaon at affordable cost.The Root Canal Treatment provided at their clinic in Gurgaon completes in a single sitting in 45-60 minutes (case dependent) with no pain and the treated tooth functions normally with no sensitivity or pain thereafter.Please feel free to contact our clinic for root canal treatment in Gurgaon.