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Gum Treatment in Gurgaon at Affordable Cost

Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment in Gurgaon India

Symptoms of Gingivitis are beginning signs of Periodontal or gum disease and are easily reversible with rigorous dental hygiene. Our periodontist in Gurgaon recommends at-home Care, such as brushing and flossing multiple times a day, to avoid these symptoms: Red, Swollen, and Tender Gums that Bleed. Should you have any questions about your dental health, or if these symptoms worsen to Gum Disease, consider meeting to discuss how severe your condition is and follow an individualized treatment plan at Cosmodontist Dental Clinic.

Depending on your Oral Conditions, The Treatment may include:

Scaling & Polishing
Scaling and Polishing are periodontal treatments in Gurgaon which include thorough Cleaning of Teeth and Gums. It helps remove Plaque and Tartar from the Root surfaces and deep periodontal pockets and to remove Bacteria from the Surface of the Tooth. In many cases, proper scaling and root planning serve as effective treatments for the early stages of Gingivitis.

Regular Scaling and Polishing by a hygienist helps keep your teeth and gums healthy by making it easier for you to keep your teeth clean at home. You should see and feel the difference.