Surgical Extraction

Surgical Extraction is the removal of a Tooth from the mouth. There are many reasons why an Extraction may be necessary. The most common reasons for Tooth Extraction is that the Tooth has been damaged beyond the point of being Restorable by severe Tooth decay or advanced Periodontal Disease that has destroyed the bone that holds the tooth in. Surgical Extractions are also frequently performed on Patients who require more space in the Mouth for Orthodontic Treatments.

Often, Surgical Extractions are performed on Teeth that are impacted, which means they fail to erupt through the Gums. This is commonly problematic with Wisdom Teeth.

There Are Many Reasons That Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary. Common Reasons For Performing Tooth Extraction Include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Infection
  • Periodontal disease that has damaged the supporting tissue and structures of the teeth
  • To create space for orthodontic treatment
  • To remove teeth that are impacted, most commonly wisdom teeth

Tooth extractions, whether they are performed under Local or General anesthesia, can cause some swelling and discomfort. Post-operative discomfort will be managed with pain and anti-inflammatory medication. Patients generally feel no discomfort after a few days. Your dentist at Cosmodontist Dental & Implant Centre will discuss post-extraction instructions with you during your initial consultation.

Surgical Extractions In Gurgaon

The dentists at Cosmodontist Dental & Implant Centre perform Surgical Extractions keeping the patients in utmost Comfort in their premises at Gurgaon location. Please feel free to call on the contact or schedule an appointment online for wisdom tooth extraction in Gurgaon.

You shouldn’t feel any pain as your wisdom teeth are removed because the area will be numb. However, if you do feel pain during the procedure, tell your dentist or oral surgeon so they can give you more anaesthetic.

There are two main types of dental extraction, simple extraction and surgical extraction. Simple dental extraction is used to remove teeth that can be seen and are easily accessible, whereas surgical dental extraction typically requires an incision into the connective tissue to gain access to the tooth to be removed

Unless the patient develops post-operative complications, most people can return to work (sedentary jobs) or school within 2-3 days of the extraction. For jobs that require more vigorous activity, a little additional recovery time may be needed