Teeth whitening

What we see today are people relying more upon the internet world rather than taking a step ahead to reach out to professionals for guided knowledge. For anyone who has any doubt, problems, or is in the midst of a situation, the first thing they do is to take out their phone, type in what they need to know, and google answers.

Whatsoever, did you know that information acquired from Google cannot be wholly trusted as much as you can rely on more reliable sources? Since people are in the doldrums trying to adapt to so many myths and statements that the results that have come up are pure confusion.

This blog focuses on busting a few of the rumors you believe are accurate and making you aware of the reality. Knowing all platforms is a way towards growth, but the condition being what you learn and preach is legit. Here we have answered your long-term questions to make things easier for you.  

People are very busy with their schedules in the current scenario. Going for periodic dental check-ups has become a back door entry for them. Hence the only knock on the doorstep of the doctor comes when they are in excruciating pain. They try to find out means, tactics, and tricks regarding dental hygiene through internet sources that may help them solve their queries. Let us delve more into the topic and know which statement hits the mark on reality.

How to whiten teeth with baking soda?

First thing first, it is possible to whiten teeth with baking soda. Your teeth’ aesthetics can be altered massively by using this magical ingredient. All you have to do is to go to your kitchen and pick up the bottle of baking soda to sparkle your smile. The component has salty, alkaline properties that are abrasive. These granular particles help to remove the plaque buildup from your teeth.

Here is how you can use baking soda to whiten your teeth,

Toothpaste plus baking soda: Sprinkle some baking soda on top of your paste and brush generally as you do.

Water and baking soda: Dilute the baking soda along with water. Make a paste and brush your teeth twice a day with it.

Baking soda and lemon: This works as a bleaching agent to give your teeth a whitening shine by removing the debris and plaque from the surface.

How to whiten teeth with lemon?

Lemon juice can effectively whiten your teeth as it contains citric properties with a bleaching agent. Still, one of the misunderstandings that go around is that the juice of such citrus fruits is suitable for your oral health. The truth is otherwise. Lime juice, which is acidic in nature, resides on the tooth for a prolonged period and deranges the enamel.

The acidic properties of lemon or the abrasive properties of baking soda may erode the enamel layer. This leads to further tooth sensitivity. Once your enamel washes away, there is no going back, and you would succumb to a life of having sensitivity issues.

How to heal cavities naturally without going to the dentist?

No matter what you hear, going to the dentist is a way better option to treat your cavities than any other method.

However, home remedies play a role in building up the minerals of the teeth. If you go to a dentist, he will refer you to the procedure of tooth fluoridation.

Adequate fluoride levels in teeth help to build the minerals that are the actual cause of cavities.

Remedies like oil pulling, using aloe vera,  vitamin D can be incorporated to help teeth mineralization. Avoid sugary foods and beverages that may lead to the erosion of your enamel.

If in doubt, the best choice would be to visit your dentist.

How to whiten teeth at home in one day?

Everyone wants a dazzling smile, and so is everyone looking out to find means to get white teeth by using various tips and tricks.

The internet sworn remedies that claim to whiten your teeth in one day are given as follows;

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon
  • Activated charcoal
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Oil pulling
  • Powdered milk.

All the above-listed remedies help whiten the teeth, but no one says these are safe methods to get what you need. The so-called kitchen remedies may be helpful for other purposes, but they cannot be safely used as an agent to whiten teeth. If you are someone who wants legit tactics to whiten teeth, then you should stop surfing the net and instead go to a professional.

How to make teeth whiter in three minutes?

Be it three minutes, one day, or a week, teeth whitening techniques at home are not a remedy that can be found on the kitchen counters. Teeth whitening is the work of a professional dentist. This takes years of training, practice, knowledge, and skill to derive methods to give you the best smiling experience.

It is to the best of your interest that you choose the right dentist for yourself instead of the right treatment choices. Reach out to Cosmodontist dental clinic or call at +8368774211 for a mind-altering experience.

Beauty woman with perfect smile posing on a sofa at home

RCT treated teeth

No one likes stained teeth. Dental fluorosis is, unfortunately, a phenomenon where your appearance is marred as there is deep staining in your teeth. This leads to a fall in a person’s confidence and is also not good for your oral health.

Dental fluorosis generally occurs due to excessive consumption of fluorides. This leaves behind a whitish tinge over the surface of the teeth. With excessive fluoride accumulation in the teeth, there is a change of color in the tooth surface, which can be seen as yellowish to brown spots that are speckled all over the teeth surface. This, generally, is not a very appealing sight; therefore, patients suffering from dental fluorosis often visit their dentists to overcome this problem and maintain the evenness of the teeth.

Thus the question now remains of knowing which treatment is the best for you if you have dental fluorosis? This blog encompasses giving you the appropriate answer to your queries and subduing your problems.

 Listed below are all the fluorosis teeth treatment options that you can avail of depending upon your criteria and affordability. Mark the ones that you think are suitable for you and talk to your dentist if you want to go ahead with the particular procedure.

Dental veneers-

Dental veneers can fit snugly over the entire arch of the teeth. Veneers are available in the composite and porcelain types.

Composite veneers are a one-seating treatment where the patient can easily avail of this procedure which lasts up to seven years. On the flipside, porcelain veneers are readily made in the labs. Before getting a perfect fit from the patient, dentists take the impression and deliver a customized treatment plan for each individual. This type of veneer lasts for up to 15 years. While putting the veneers, the person should realize that this may chip or crack off if he bites on a hard substance.

Dental crowns-

RCT treated teeth usually call in for dental crowns over them. When it comes to dental fluorosis, crowns can be an option as a cover-up. However, it has to be kept in mind that to fit in a crown, the tooth structure has to be reduced in shape and size. This leads to the degradation and loss of a natural tooth. Therefore it is mandatory to take the advice of your dentist and only follow this type of procedure if he recommends you to.

Composite bonding-

The procedure begins with preparing the teeth. After that, the conditioning gel helps to roughen the surface of the teeth so that the bonding agent can easily be attached to the tooth surface. The composite bond forms a layer over the entire tooth surface and prevents the detectability of visible splotches due to dental fluorosis.

Teeth whitening-

Teeth whitening is one of the procedures by which you can hide the speckles of yellowish or white colors across the teeth. The whitening process is found to be effective only for mild to moderate levels of fluorosis. After the procedure, the fluoride in the tooth may seem to appear a little more whitish. This happens as the bleaching agent makes the fluorosis more evident. With time the stretches of whites suppress away.

Enamel microabrasion-

Dentists may excavate small amounts of enamel from your teeth to reduce the appearance of dental fluorosis. The method is typically followed by bleaching.

Prevention of dental fluorosis-

  • If further advancement of fluorosis is one of the threats that you want to diminish, you may very well get started by looking for ways to reduce fluoride consumption in your routine.

The first possibility for your fluoride intake can be due to the water that you consume. Mark the level of fluoride in your water and try to cut off the dangerous grades of fluoride that it consists of. If you try to balance this mineral in your water content, there is a high chance that you will also prevent the development of further dental fluorosis.

  • There are kinds of toothpaste that come up with the tag of having fluorides in it. Fluoride in limited quantities is good for your teeth; however, as we have seen, high fluoride levels will degrade your oral health and bring you to a position where you will have succumbed to dental fluorosis. Therefore before using any fluoride toothpaste, talk to your dentist.
  • Fluoride supplements should only be used after the recommendation of your healthcare provider. No supplements, drugs, or any medical interventions should be made without expert advice. Studies have reported that children given extra fluoride supplements have shown to suffer from dental fluorosis. Although fluorosis is not a matter of concern yet, it deranges the smile of a person, and therefore steps should be taken promptly so that your health does not get affected.
  • One of the foremost tips to prevent any abnormalities in your teeth is to stay in close association with your dentist. It is in your best interest that you ask him questions rather than self-medicate or self-experiment in case of dental fluorosis.

Fluorosis is a typical yet harmless condition; however, this is embarrassing for many people alike. The above-listed dental fluorosis treatment is to your best benefit provided that you can easily choose any amongst all and take the suggestion of your dentist regarding it. Do remember that the expert should always make the final call. He would know what will be best suited to you.

Hence, anyone facing the problem of dental fluorosis can anytime take professional help from Cosmodontist who are the best in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Call now at +8368774211 to book an appointment and improve your smile.

teeth whitening

While considering getting your teeth whitened, you will have two choices…the in-house dental whitening treatment by professionals or the self-induced whitening tools available in the market.

Dental procedures are the work of intricacy, and only trained professionals can accomplish it with excellent agility.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening methods are not free of risks. As the teeth whitening agents contain bleaching products, using them in an adequate quantity with proper vigilance is a must.

To negate such problems and maintain your pearly whites, getting teeth whitening procedures done by a dentist is a more wise option.

But is the treatment worth it?

With the regular focus being brought to the aesthetics of a person, one of the most crucial parts is to design a smile that accentuates your fashion statement. People may delay their routine check-ups, but they will not wait a minute when they have developed stains over their teeth.

The dentists are their rescuers for the time being. If not, many people flock to pharmacies and nearby drug stores to get whitening strips to abate their problem.

Before acting out hastily, did you know that a whitening agent can make your teeth weak?

Even after its deranging effect on the teeth, why it is done?

Teeth whitening is an effective and safe process, provided it is done correctly. Therefore, if you are thinking of undergoing the teeth whitening procedure, refer to a trained dentist to ease your worries of weakened or mottled teeth.

Regular sessions of teeth whitening methods hamper the enamel?

If you know, bleaching agents have the potential to make your teeth brittle. You must have obviously wondered, ‘Do teeth whitening cause permanent sensitivity?’ or ‘ Is teeth whitening bad for the enamel?’

Professional treatments lower the risk of any adverse effects on your teeth. If you plan to get your teeth whitened, go to an expert instead of picking up marketed products.

Now that you have decided to go for your dental visit, the next apparent question is the teeth whitening cost.

Is the teeth whitening treatment worth the cost?

The desire to have a bright and shining smile is what everybody wants. Few are born with the perfect sparkling smile, while others are not that lucky.

Teeth staining is a prevalent problem that can kill your confidence and make you conscious even to smile openly.

The moment you see those stains, you decide to cut off any products that might have caused the discoloration in the first place. And second, to use teeth whitening methods.

Before you jump to do any of the above, you should be aware of the fact that stains are typical of two types;

  • Intrinsic stains.
  • Extrinsic stains.

Intrinsic teeth stains are the ones that are present below the tooth surface. In this type, the stain-causing particle accumulates below the surface of the enamel—high usage of fluoride results in intrinsic staining.

Since the stains are present below the tooth surface, therefore, standard over-the-counter whitening devices are not beneficial to remove such stains.

On the contrary, extrinsic stains are formed by the heavy consumption of pigmented food and drinks like tea, coffee, tobacco, wine.

No matter what type of stains are making your personality, it is vital to check with your dentist before you opt for any non-professional method.

As the type of staining is heavily influenced by the practical choice of treatment, therefore, inadequate knowledge and self-prescribed attitude can only lead to wastage of money and be harmful to your health as well.

But, professional teeth whitening procedures are expensive?

The in-house whitening treatment can make your teeth about ten shades whiter than your present teeth color. On the other hand, over-the-counter products have the potency to whiten your teeth only up to one shade higher.

The factor of the budget is a big question. But so is your safety.

Pharmacies will offer you devices that offer no safety most of the time. Dentists, however, provide you with treatment with all care and sincerity.

Since the treatment is of high quality, the premium range of such procedures may vary amongst dentists. However, the regular price of the teeth whitening process is between Rs.8000 to 10000.

When should you opt to get your teeth whitened?

If you face dilemmas in smiling openly or have an important event coming up, teeth whitening can be your lifesaver.

The options are many, the budget is flexible, and the procedure is safe if done under an expert hand.

Teeth whitening should not be a part of your regular dental treatments. This procedure should be limited as they contain potent agents. Only resort to teeth whitening if you have major staining issues. This way, you will get your whiter shade of teeth and also be saved from getting a hole in the pocket.

Protect your teeth after the whitening treatment.

Stains can quickly build up even after the procedure. Dentists, for this reason, recommend periodic dental check-ups to keep all oral health issues at bay.

A few techniques that should be followed to maintain your pearly whites are;

  • Avoid food and drinks that may cause staining

Yellowing of teeth is a typical issue with few food habits. These consist of coffee, berries, tea, and red wine.

Although you do not have to stop consuming them completely, it is preferable to limit their ingestion.

  • Stop smoking

The obvious but significant factor that you should abstain from is smoking. Tobacco in the smoke is not only harmful to your lungs but also plays a role in the discoloration of your teeth.

  • Brush frequently

Taking stained food cannot be avoided in all circumstances.

But, a doable action is to brush your teeth every time you have anything that has the ability to stain your teeth.

  • Use straws

Drinking fluids through straws minimize the dangers of teeth staining as in this way; there is no direct contact of the pigmented liquid with your teeth.

So next time you go out anywhere, make sure you carry a straw with you.

The best way to maintain your smile is always to visit your dentist timely. The experts at Cosmodentist make sure that you can smile freely while being safe.

The choice is, therefore, yours… you want a stained smile or a stunning smile?

No matter what you do, call for professional help today at +8368774211 to make the right decision.